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What to invest in for 2012 - and how it affects your glass of Scotch

Consequently, what should you do with your personal investments and how do you shield yourself against either the Republicans' or the Democrats' programs? Based on my experience and what I see and hear everyday, there are so many factors that could influence your personal investments that I doubt that there is a secret potion that will tell you what to do and assure you that you will benefit from your investments. But I recommend that you start by giving serious consideration to elements like your age, your health, life expectancy, job, the money you make, the debts you have, the responsibilities (supporting a spouse and/or children for instance) you have, and also the "risks" you want to take. Knowing and understanding your situation in such a concise manner can be overwhelming but it is a great start to knowing where you can go from there.

On the other hand, when the economy is in turmoil like it is right now, the #1 investment anyone should make is in themselves - and by that I mean pay your debts! All of them!

Secondly, go with the type of Investment that has a strong recession-proof track record like Real Estate - yes, real estate. Real estate value may be down right now, but in spite of the downward spiral this market has been through over the past 30 months, the fact remains that a 1700 SF, three bed room single family home you could buy for $14,500 35 years ago will sell today for no less than $200,000, and if you do the math, this represents a steady (non taxable!) 5%/yr increase in value. There are good deals out there right now, and with very little cash down one can get a pretty nice home.

Another investment that should also be considered (and this is on top of my personal list) is Gold! Again, 35 years ago an ounce of gold was selling for $35 - today it sells for $1,800.

Obviously the price is very high right now, and is subject to major fluctuations, but if you don't want to trust the market, then trust the Mining Sector. With the Emerging Economies in full swing all over the world in spite of this seemingly global recession, the Democrats, and the Republicans, I say it again; invest in Mining. All primary metals are in furious demand right now and as evidenced by the climbing stock of most of the mining companies, it is going nowhere but Up Up and Up.

And last last but not least, investing in a Spring Water producing company would not be a bad investment, no matter who's at the White House; they will always need to cut their Scotch (paid with our taxes, lest it be forgotten) with water… so might as well invest in the companies providing them with it!

Gilles Herard, Jr

45 Years of Experience in the International Banking Industry

Experienced Project Financing


Awarded in Orlando's Business Hall of Fame for 12 Years Running

2017 Gamechanger of the Year Award Winner

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