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Project Financing

Whoever has been in business for more than 5 minutes knows that the greatest challenge for achieving one's goals is Financing.

Unfortunately, nowadays Banks and Financial Institutions focus more on scoring guides than anything else to decide to grant funding, and if the overall project does not pass the test then it is generally declined.

How does one overcome that challenge and make sure a project would be receivable? Simple: Structured Financing.

Structured financing means literally creating a structure (like the human body has a skeleton) that will allow any given Banker / Investor/ Financial Corporation to better understand the needs in funding of the project while assuming a reasonable risk, and more importantly, having a way out should the project turn bad.

Having said that, Mr Herard has 40 years experience in structuring project fundings and is a world renowned architect when it comes to Project Financing.  He has been involved in all types of projects from start-ups, equipment financing, real estate financing, hotels and resorts, manufacturing companies, bio-pharmaceutical, movie pictures financing, amusement industry financing ( Water Theme Parks and Amusement Parks), alternative energies, mining, and more.



Opportunities, fortunes, and relationships are won and lost, shattered and repaired, by the interaction of individuals, their assessment of a situation or goal, and their strategies and tactics to achieve a successful negotiated conclusion.

Successful negotiators such as Mr Herard are honed by experience, fortitude, and the deployment of strategies and tactics applicable in all types of situations.  As an experienced and skilled negotiator, Mr Herard does the homework necessary to understand both situation and adversaries in order to create a plan of action to achieve a fair result for all parties, and has demonstrated for 25 years his superior ability to successfully initiate and negotiate transactions by designing, implementing, and closing deals – both for himself and his clients.



Evaluating an opportunity is part detective work and par analysis – it requires a great deal of planning if a successful conclusion is to occur.  But once the research has been completed, the results analyzed, and the transaction opportunity has taken form, the “Gatekeepers” need to be informed.  A Gatekeeper could be a bank, a venture capital group, a private or institutional investor, a senior level manager, the management committee, a foundation, of the Board of Directors.  Without the support and approval of Gatekeepers, closing a deal is an uphill battle that can end in disappointment, loss of precious time, and missed opportunities.  The art of closing begins with the ability to get the consent of all of the parties involved in the transaction and ends in its successful funding.

Experience and contacts (with, among others, said Gatekeepers) lay the foundation on which Mr Herard acts as a highly qualified and respected advisor in several types of business situations, whether mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, financing, merchant banking, negotiations, etc.


​Mergers & Acquisitions

In regards to matters of mergers and acquisitions, Mr Herard can participate as an active advisor and director and work with management to establish realistic strategic and operational objectives.  Once these goals are established, the company’s management is responsible for all day-to-day business decisions.

45 Years of Experience in the International Banking Industry

Experienced Project Financing


Awarded in Orlando's Business Hall of Fame for 12 Years Running

2017 Gamechanger of the Year Award Winner

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