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Mr Herard was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1952.  He holds a University Degree in Administration and a degree from the Canadian Bankers Institute.  He started his career in Banking in 1972 with the Toronto Dominion Bank (Canada), where he attended highly specialized classes in administration and credit, and became a Fellow of the Canadian Bankers Institute.  He subsequently obtained another degree from the University of Central Florida in Mastering Skills of International Trade.


In the 1970s Mr Herard joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation of New York as Senior Credit Analyst.  At the time, Manufacturers Hanover was considered one of (if not the) most important commercial banks worldwide, counting among its clients the world’s top 500 companies.


In the early 1980s, with 10 years of experience working for world-leading banks, Mr Herard joined Capital Corp Merchant Banking and thereby entered the Merchant Banking world.

Merchant Banking is the process of acting as Principal and/or Agent in project financing, mergers or acquisitions, and/or advising clients in the “structuring” of the funding needed for their project, and/or assisting them in their negotiations for the realization of a project.  Inevitably, the merchant banking model exemplified by the “major players” was emulated, though on a smaller scale.  One such experienced banker is Mr Herard (who has nearly 40 years of experience in Banking), and joined Capital Corp Merchant Banking as Managing Director, adding in his extensive experience and impressive network of contacts.  In fact, Mr Herard knows that a good Merchant Banker is one who combines experience and contacts, professional and/or political, and the combination thereof with the merchant banker’s own capital and creativity in structuring deals is the most formidable force on the market that can give a client/promoter of any given project access to the money needed to realize their project.

gilles herard, capital corp merchant banking, project financing

45 Years of Experience in the International Banking Industry

Experienced Project Financing


Awarded in Orlando's Business Hall of Fame for 12 Years Running

2017 Gamechanger of the Year Award Winner

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