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Introduction to my blog

This blog is meant to be an editorial section where Mr. Herard will present current events articles and below each article he will add his own opinion of the issues brought up by the article. These opinions are based on 40 years in the banking industry and nearly 30 years as a Merchant Banker working on projects worldwide.

In order to be a 'good' Merchant Banker, one needs to be highly tuned in to world events, business affairs, economic trends, not to mention geo-political conditions. As such, Mr Herard's opinion is often sought out by industry leaders, and this blog will serve as a more public outlet to express himself in the context of world news and affairs.

45 Years of Experience in the International Banking Industry

Experienced Project Financing


Awarded in Orlando's Business Hall of Fame for 12 Years Running

2017 Gamechanger of the Year Award Winner

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